Farewell to Our Killer in Chief

Chart via Council on Foreign Relations

Chart via Council on Foreign Relations



Later tonight Obama will give his farewell speech and brag about what a magnificent job he’s done. And my Facebook feed will balloon with “Four More Years” memes and teary posts of what a fine man Obama is and how beautiful his family is. (For all I know, Stalin had cute kids. Doesn’t matter.)

So here’s my reminder of how many people Obama KILLED just in 2016. He authorized the dropping of at least 26,171 BOMBS on people in seven countries. Men, women, and children bombed to death.

And these aren’t crappy bombs like the ones we see the aftermath of at a marathon run or an airport baggage area. These are the best, most destructive bombs your money can buy. Ultra high explosives that vaporize concrete walls and kill kids sleeping in their beds.

Obama kills more people during his golf game than any ‘Most Wanted’ terrorist kills in an entire, miserable career of death-making.

And this chart is just 2016!

There’s seven more years of similar or worse bombings and civilian deaths from the misty-eyed President who chokes up at the thought of those poor kids in Sandy Hook. As long as it isn’t Sandy Hook, Iraq that is.

If I believed in hell, at least I’d have the satisfaction of thinking Obama will rot there next to G. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Osama Bin Laden, and the rest of the people who think justice and a better world flows from killing and dominating people.

Instead, I get to read about how people think Obama is a wonderful man.

Sometimes I feel like I live among Jihadists who love the killing, and are completely certain it’s both necessary and justified.

I mean, we can’t let other countries run their own affairs. We have to bomb them until they do what we say, and sell us their resources for cheap. Because, freedom & democracy!

Screw Obama and the new killers who will replace him.

Some day we’ll abandon this ridiculous system and anthropologists will marvel at how billions of people could openly endorse evil just because it was sold to them as a “lesser” evil.

School children will ask, “But how could they believe it was a good thing to kill people? How could they love the people responsible for so much death?” Likely their teachers will give the same answers we’ve gotten about centuries of superstition, slavery, and the oppression of women. “Well, kids, they had very primitive beliefs and they just didn’t know any better.”

For the record, some of us know better.

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

This Post is NOT an Attack on US Veterans

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Hitler Youth reciting pledge. 

This image was provided to Wikimedia Commons by the German Federal Archive

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